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Know How to Apply for Study Visa in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the highly visited tourist destination in the world. Many of the global tourists love to visit Hong Kong for fun, body massage, shopping, holidays, honeymoon, etc. Apart from that, many students do like to study in Hong Kong as well. Being Asia top-most educational hub, Hong Kong is known for its world-famous universities and professional colleges, which can offer you best courses and scholarship study programmes to take part into. Many of the students from across the globe love to study in Hong Kong and join best courses offered by leading universities of the country. So, if you are also planning to study in Hong Kong, you need to be eligible for that wisely. Firstly, you have to apply for study visa in Hong Kong.Dreamline India

Below is the step by step process mentioned how to apply for study visa in Hong Kong such as:

  1. Find a legal sponsor

You need to find a legal sponsor in Hong Kong, who can take guarantee of yours and should be a resident of the country. In this way, a declaration form between financial Sponsor and you needs to be signed. Also, you need to be financially strong to serve the sponsor till he takes the legal liability of yours. You must be completed the age of 18 years.

  1. Fill the application form

You need to fill admission application form ID 995 A and your sponsor will also have to fill application form ID 995 B.

  1. Make ready your documents

You need to make ready all documents to study in Hong Kong such as:

  • Previous educational certificates.
  • Admission letter given by Hong Kong university or college in which you are going to enroll.
  • Two passport size photographs.
  • Photocopies of all legal documents of the resident, nationality, education, professional courses, etc.
  • Photocopy of duly filled application for of student visa sponsorship.
  • Photocopy of passport.
  1. Add Visa Cost

You need to include visa cost too along with other expenses like courier, administration, education fees, etc.

  1. Give proper details of student visa requirement

You need to submit all necessary details of student visa in the Chinese Embassy in India.

  1. Stay cool for acceptance of your application

Once you’re all application details and visa will get verified by the embassy, you will get the clearance letter from CEDARS office.  Rest of the formalities will the handle by the Hong Kong immigration department.

  1. Attach a label

You can add a student visa label on your passport, once you receive your study visa label from Hong Kong immigration department. Now, you are ready to fly Hong Kong for studying out there.

For more brief about study visa and other legal formalities to study in Hone Kong, you can get in touch with Dreamline India in Delhi as well. The company will get you free consultation of how to apply for study visa in abroad in depth. For more details, visit us at www.dreamlineindia.in



Know How to Move Australia for Desired Purpose From Dreamline India

Moving abroad for job, study, and settlement is not easy if you are trying it for the first time. No worries, if you are willing to move to Australia for work, study or settlement, you need to arrange all necessary information about immigration to Australia from any trusted immigration consultants in India. The country is rich with many authorized immigration consulting firms. For instance, you can get in touch with Dreamline India, it is a reputed immigration consulting company in Delhi and has good feet in immigration services of all kinds.

Dreamline India

The Dreamline India suggests vital ways move Australia for work, study and settlement through following ways:

Apply for work visa in Australia

If you want to go to work in Australia, you need first apply for a visa for Australia immigration for work. For this, you should go to the Australian Embassy in India and explore how to apply for work visa in Australia. Also, try to find out what are requirements to apply for the job in Australian. Find all the details and then apply for work visa in Australia legally.

Apply for study visa in Australia

If you want to go Australia for further studies, you will have to apply for study visa in Australia. Besides, you need to find out top-notch college or school as well as best courses offered by them or course you want to join in the institution. Also, you should identify the affiliation of colleges and their courses that should be approved by education ministry of Australia. You need to take care of all these facts before applying for study visa in Australia.

For settlement in Australia or get citizenship of the country

If you want to settle down in Australia or get its citizenship, you need to eligible for that first. Besides, you need to give evidence of why to settle in Australia and what are the circumstances to take such decision. You will have to show proofs for all such reasons to the Australian government in advance.

All are vital reasons, you need to follow strictly to get work, study and settlement in Australia. For more help in all regards, you can approach to the best Immigration Consultants in Delhi named Dreamline India. The company assists in all above formats of immigration as well as helps in applying visa for all your immigration requirements to abroad.

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Seven tips for every Student Moving Abroad for Studies

Clearing the exams, getting selected in the University of your Choice is actually half the battle won. Now it’s just a matter of preparing yourself for the big trip. And this half is mostly the trickier part.  With so many questions and confusions, it is obvious to give any student jitters.

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Not to worry, everyone here the Dreamline India team has thought about and found answers for all the questions you might have doubts about.

Below are the tips from the immigration visa experts at Dreamline India on how to prepare for studying abroad.

  1. Apply for passport and visa well in advance

You must have a valid passport to travel and study abroad. If you already have one, be sure to double check that it’s not expired and that it won’t expire within 6 months of your intended return. It can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months to get a passport, so make sure you start on this one well in advance. Yes, you can expedite the process, but it’ll cost extra. It’s better just to be timely.

In addition to a passport, you may need a visa to study abroad. Similar to passports, visa applications can take several months to process so don’t delay in applying! This part can be covered seamlessly by our consultants at Dreamline India.

  1. Visit a Travel Doctor

Plan on visiting your doctor and getting a physical before you leave to ensure you are in good health. Bring along a copy of your medical records in case of an emergency overseas.

Most programs will advise you on the types of vaccinations you’ll need (if any) while abroad

Also, if you have a critical medical condition that requires prescription drugs you may want to bring enough with you to last your entire time abroad (if possible). Prescriptions drugs must be carried in correctly labeled containers to prevent being mistaken for illegal drugs.

  1. Get Travel Insurance

It’s important to have a reliable health and accident insurance policy while you are studying abroad

Your health insurance provider might cover you abroad not all do, though

  1. Book tickets in time to avoid extra charges

These days, finding cheap airplane tickets has turned into an art of timing and luck. Fares can vary greatly depending on when you want to fly and where you are buying your ticket from.

  1. Familiarize with your study abroad country

By knowing even briefly your soon-to-be home’s culture, history, geography, economy, government — everything! Your study abroad experience will be enriched and your time spent will be more meaningful.

Talk to others who have been there and seek opportunities to watch movies and read more about the country and its culture.

  1. Take a quick language course

Even knowing the most basic of phrases in the local language can make a world of difference in overcoming those first few days of adjustment. Enroll in classes, ask fluent friends for help,

  1. Set an online account

If you don’t already have an online bank account, definitely set it up. It’s the easiest way to manage your money while abroad. Most international travelers use their ATM/debit or credit cards to get cash in the local currency.

While good bye’s can be tough, they’re a necessary part of this journey. And just think of all the excitement you have yet to come! Expect the unexpected! Even though you can never expect to be fully prepared upon arrival, we hope these tips  and our continued guidance will help you hit the ground running!

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Go Abroad for any Purpose through safe hands of Dreamline India

To go abroad through legal and secure ways, it would be wise to get assistance of any trusted immigration consultants in India. They can help you know all required documents, and norms to follow to move overseas for job, study and settlement. For smooth process, you can get in touch with Dreamline India at Delhi, India.  It’s one of the top-most immigration consulting firms in India and has good feet in immigration services for jobs, study and settlement of people.

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Over the years, company got huge success in moving people to different nations in the world for diverse purposes with ease. For this, they have set a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable moving consultants and immigration experts as well. They provide full-fledged details of moving overseas for desired purpose and also help in preparing visa, documentation works, resume building, and lots more.

The people seeking for jobs in overseas nations like Singapore, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, etc., they should approach to the Dreamline India at Delhi. Being a renowned immigration consulting agency, it helps its patrons to know about best jobs in different fields available at diverse nations in the world. Moreover, the company assists in building professional resumes, visa, and gives vital tips to crack interviews for jobs in foreign countries.

In the same way, Dreamline India remains ahead in assisting students, who want to go abroad for further studies. The company’s skilled immigration consultants have knowledge of top universities, professional colleges and scholarship courses available in diverse institutions in the world. They help students to know aboutto how to apply for entrance exams in abroad for engineering and medical courses as well. Thus, students will get proper knowledge and aid for study in overseas at Dreamline India.

So, if you want to make your move to overseas easy and hassle free, just approach to the best known immigration consulting in Delhi viz. Dreamline India wisely.


Why Singapore Is The Finest Place To Get Settled?|Dreamline India

“ Usually deciding to which country you are more excited about or which country may prove to be good luck to you is beyond one’s estimation power” .Dreamline India  offers immigration to numerous of countries along with some famed gulf countries. Singapore is one of the Dreamline India’s offering.

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Here are some reasons that why Singapore is the finest and happiest place to get settled.

Easily Adaptable

Singapore is amazing country consisting of numerous of immigrant’s societies, no matter from which country you are, you will definitely find your country people in Singapore. Therefore, you will be able to adapt culture and distinguished language easily and would not feel left out.


Racism always been an issue but in Singapore you will forget if “racism” even exist because in Singapore ruling party is more protective of immigrants especially Indians. So, one need not to live in a fear of being attacked or get thrown out from the country instantly or being bullied.

Wide Employment opportunities

Singapore is a house of jobs, and do not holds any kind of reservation bonds. However, it is easier to get employment in Singapore than in India. Also, One may find job at better level in Singapore holding same qualification than in own country.

Low Taxation

Singapore offers many benefits – not least of which is very low taxation, which leaves you with a high disposable income which easily rivals what is on offer in Australia, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom. Please see our page detailing the taxation system in Singapore

PR is easy

Getting permanent resident status is easy and rapid in Singapore. You can enjoy as much freedom and benefits as the citizens of Singapore enjoy. Through PR, Permanent Resident status you can reside in Singapore and can also invite your family to stay without any legal issue.

These were the various aspect that why Singapore is the finest place to get settled. Dreamline India offers immigration to Singapore also and Dreamline India reviews enlightens that this leading visa and immigration consultancy has worked out successfully over 900 cases since ever established.


Experience the ease in moving abroad through Dreamline India

For an easy going moving to overseas, it’s essential to know right norms of immigration, visa preparation, documentation works, etc., in advance. If you unaware of such requirements, you should avail services of any best immigration consultants in India. For instance, the name of Dreamline India is popular in the country for its outstanding track record in immigration consulting services.

businessman sitting with laptop and dreaming at travel

The company ranks among the leading top 25 immigration consulting companies in India for studies and settlement in abroad. Over the years, company got recognized for its ultimate immigration services for study, job and settlement in foreign nations with ease. The company has helped many people and supported them to move abroad for their dream jobs, education in best universities and settle down there.

Dreamline India is an emerging name in immigration industry and has been served many customers across the world. The company empowers students to move abroad for further studies. The company aims to mobilize all necessary information like details of universities, colleges, courses, fees, etc., for students seeking for studies in Australia, Canada, Singapore, and other foreign nations. So, students willing to get educated in abroad, they should approach to the company in Delhi and get proper details how to move in desired nation for study through legal ways.

In the same way, the people having keen interest in working abroad, they should also approach to the Dreamline India and avail details of how to move overseas for employment. The company has good feet in this arena and can help people in preparing resume, interviews, and suggest best jobs in different countries. Also, the company enables you preparing valid visa and other documentations to go abroad for job. So, whatever reason you have to go abroad, Dreamline India is there to assist you for all causes.

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Expertise Team of Dreamline India

Dreamline India has been the most genuine and excellent immigration and visa consultancy since ever established. The consultancy has achieved success over 900 cases and stepped the ladder of success rapidly. Dreamline India consists of numerous of capable consultants who guide the clients during the process of immigration. There are various qualities of consultants of Dreamline India due to which the services of Dreamline India are appreciated.


Expert Knowledge :-

Dreamline India has always been appreciated for their expertise consultants. Also, when we reach any visa and immigration consultancy, we expect that the consultants to know more about the service and situation at its best. However, the consultants of Dreamline India hold the experience and knowledge in aspect of handling the situation and clients with dedication and experts in resolving the issues.

Good communication relationships :- 

Whenever, any individual reach consultancies, he/she might feel hesitation or may not be good at bringing up every expectation or requirements or queries to the consultants easily. However, in case of consultants of Dreamline India this is not the issue because expertise team of Dreamline India are proficiently maintains a good communication relationship with their clients so that they need not to feel hesitation in aspect of asking queries or making demand or bring up their expectation to consultancy.

Professionalism : –

Although, the expertise team of consultants in Dreamline India maintain a good communication relationships with their clients but they remains in the boundaries of professionalism. Also, they do not engage in any kind of useless conversation with their clients which may backfire on them negatively. Professionalism makes the procedures of providing services optimized.

Unity between players : –

Consultants of Dreamline India are cooperative in nature and have unity between them. Also, these consultants hold the ability to learn from each other and respect each other’s point of views.

Roles and Responsibilities : –

Consultants of Dreamline India very well understand their responsibilities towards the services to be provided to the clients. They are dedicated towards their work and hold the potential of completion of duties and responsibilities on time with efficiency.

These were the various distinguished qualities of consultants of Dreamline India. This consultancy has been the proficient and well known consultancy in the country since ever established. Dreamline India, the visa and immigration consultancy accomplished over 900 cases throughout the journey.

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