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Migrate To Singapore With Ease Getting A Work Permit

The most common visa that is applied for to go to Singapore is the employment visa. It is also referred to as employment pass. This is one of the types of work permits granted to work in Singapore.

Migrate To Singapore

What are the criteria on which bases this work permit is granted then? This is meant for skilled employees or company owners who wish to work in Singapore. The fixed income for the month should be not less than S$3600.

If your employer pays a salary of this amount or more per month then it will be easy for you to get the employment pass to go to Singapore says one of the experts at Dreamline India.

For a hassle-free immigration to any nation including Singapore, it is prudent to contact the immigration service provider. This way your chances of reaching the goal that is working abroad will be fulfilled with ease.

Further, the expert adds that the person applying for an employment pass needs to have a tertiary education. Having some relevant experience in the particular field of the job will be an added advantage.

The EP will be granted for a period of 1-2 years. Then it can be renewed on the basis of the continuation of the employment and of course if you meet the financial stipulations laid down.

Once you are employed you can even apply for the permanent residency. You are also allowed to apply for the dependent visa for your spouse or children below 21 years. Then your income needs to be S$5000. Your parents too can join you in Singapore but then the income should be S$10000.

If you meet these criteria there will be no much hassle in receiving the particular visa you are seeking to migrate to Singapore.

The expert at Dreamline India will tell you that you will need some other documents too that will prove your identity, educational qualifications, work experience and so on. You need to produce all the relevant documents during the submission of the particular application for the visa.

Taking help from the expert will reduce a lot of your work and it will be done with ease and with no glitches. So be ready to go to Singapore, Dreamline India is there to extend all the help needed.

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