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Advantages of setting up business in Hong Kong

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A beautiful place to visit, Hong Kong is a dream destination for many. Hong Kong draws thousands of visitors and travelers every year and is usually described as the region where the ‘east meets west’. Major attractions of the region are the development of the region and the advancement in each and every form of human survival and interest. Here are some of the advantages you get if you set up business in this most visited and prosperous region in China:

  1. It is easy and inexpensive to open a business in Hong Kong.
  2. 100% of a company can be owned by a foreigner in Hong Kong.
  3. Honk Kong has a world class infrastructure for business.
  4. There are two main languages in Hong Kong and one of them is English, the other one being Cantonese.
  5. Hong Kong is one of the least corrupt nations in the world.
  6. In Hong Kong, companies can open multi-currency bank accounts.
  7. Hong Kong provides recognition and stability as compared to surrounding nations.
  8. The nation uses territorial source principle of taxation, in which there are tax free profits.
  9. This nation is a global leader in banking and business.
  10. It has free economy; which means that sky is the limit.
  11. Hong Kong has fair and transparent legal system.

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  • Australia
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