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Get ready for migrating to Denmark

Immigration is the process of moving from a country of origin to a substitute one forever. However ‘migration of birds’ is entirely basic and is referenced in various news channels, human migration is likewise the same, if not more. Human migration is gradually picking up pace for quite a while now. It has turned out to be prominent to the point that these days majority of the developed nations have multi-cultural populace.


Denmark is a European Nation and is achampion among the most understood countries in the World for migration. It has won various awards for the happiest country on the planet. In this way, various individuals move to Denmark because of its reputation as a country that has the best living and workplace. It is likewise extremely prestigious for its green, work-life balance and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Moving to Denmark is possible and even exceptionally straightforward for Skilled Professionals. Denmark/ Danish Green Card is the only way in case you need to move to this European country. Be that as it may, the Denmark Green Card is a point-based immigration system. In this way, you have to gain at least 100 points to be qualified to relocate to Denmark.

A point-based immigration system is a process where an aspirant is analyzed through the pre-set criteria to check if, (s)he is suitable to relocate to, study/work in and in the long run settle in Denmark. Australia, Canada and a few different nations follow this point based criteria to evaluate a person before he/she can relocate to their nation.

The points for Denmark Immigration are computed essentially under the criteria of Age, work experience, education, language adaptability and versatility. It is compulsory for a person to carry a Masters Degree to be qualified for Danish Green Card.

The maximum points that can be scored in each of these categories are:

Age: 15

Work Experience: 15

Education: 80

Language Skills: 20

Versatility: 10

Besides scoring 100 points, a person needs a ‘Medical insurance’ and should demonstrate his/her ‘Proof of Funds’ before (s)he can apply for a Danish Green Card and move to Denmark.

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