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What does the new rule says about a Canadian!

dreamline india 25 May

Dreamline India is the Top immigration consultants in India and keeps an eye on each and every minute thing happening in and around the world. And here it tells you about the new act that has been presented in Canada recently.

The federal government is scrapping measures obtained by the Conservatives that allow Ottawa to disavow the citizenship of Canadians convicted of terrorism and different offenses.

Last year Legislation allowed Canadians who held dual nationalities to be stripped of their Canadian citizenship in case that they were discovered blameworthy of terrorism, conspiracy or spying offenses.

The Liberals battled on a promise to renounce the measures and have now followed through on their vow. Immigration Minister John McCallum presented his new bill when the House of Commons started sitting Thursday.

“It will at present be possible to renounce citizenship, as it generally has been, for the individuals who falsify who they are or who are liable of citizenship extortion,” McCallum told reporters.

According to him, there was a slippery slope in previous laws. He said that “In case that one wrongdoing made you qualified for disavowal this year, what crimes could be included next year?

“We do have a criminal equity framework. We do have courts. We do have jails where those convicted of crimes are sent. And, that is the process in which we manage this.”

“A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian,” Trudeau reacted.

The new bill also reduces the time immigrants must spend in Canada before they can apply for citizenship and facilitates dialect prerequisites for new arrivals.

The Citizenship Act as of now obliges candidates to be physically present in Canada for four of six years before applying for citizenship. The new bill would decrease that to three of five years.

The current act also wants immigrants between the ages of 14 and 64 to have knowledge of English or French.

The Liberals are reducing that age group. Under the proposed changes, candidates between the ages of 18 and 54 would be required to show dialect proficiency.

According to John McCallum, there are numerous, numerous immigrants who visit Canada without the Queen’s English … or French… but they add to Canada, and their kids will be bilingual and their grandchildren will be completely bilingual.

He doesn’t think it serves great benefit to confine these more aged people despite the fact that for the working age people the knowledge of English or French is vital.

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Searching for best immigration consultant?

dreamline india 20 May

Have you decided to immigrate to a country that seems perfect for you to live in, enhance your lifestyle or pursue higher studies? The immigration process incorporates numerous stages, and keeping in mind the end goal to streamline everything for a hassle free migration, it is profoundly advisable to enlist the best immigration consultants in Delhi like Dreamline India. An experienced and professional consultant will help you to get ready and arrange legal documents, which are required to immigrate.

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It is simple to choose an experienced and skilled immigration consultant to guarantee effective movement. Follow some useful tips given below to choose the right one:

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