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Immigration policies reformed in Canada

The oldest political party, The Liberal Party of Canada, came into the power in the month of October 2015. Amid the campaign for the general elections, the party decided to make the significant changes to the immigration process. The liberal party which administered the Canada for more than six decades comprehends the significance and need of the skilled migration to the nation.

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The new proposed changes of the Canada Immigration by the Prime Minster Justin Trudeau are liable to be viable once after the enactment gets passed in the House of Commons.

The New Proposed Laws for the Immigrants:

  •  Hike in the intake of permanent residency applications under family reunification program- Current intake is 5000 applications, proposed is a hike of intake of 10000 applications.
  • More points for siblings – Allotment of more points for the kin of Canadian natives willing to apply for Permanent Residency through Express Entry Scheme.
  • Less processing time – Minimizing the processing time for family migration programs.
  • Fee Exemption – LMIA Fee Exemption for families looking for the assistance of care givers from foreign nations.
  • Free health care programs – Free access to health care programs for displaced people.
  • Encouraging international understudies – Encouraging the international understudies to get Canadian Citizenship through enhancing the Canadian Experience Class program.
  • Enhancing the exiting condition – Enhancing conditions for the international understudies to apply for Canadian Citizenship.
  • Eliminating Waiting Time – Eliminating of the waiting time of two years under the contingent permanent residency program.
  • Increase in ward’s age – To hike the ward’s age from 18 to 22, helping the legal Nationals to convey back their families to Canada.
  • Visa-free entry- Free movement of Mexicans in Canada, without visa passage to Mexicans.

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